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Spring Newsletter


As preparations are being made for our Spring 2017 conference in Brooklyn, I want take a moment to thank everyone who attended our Fall Conference and Elections and celebrated the kickoff of Surgical Technologists Week at the Turning Stone. We had good attendance, good speakers and a good election, topped off with great food and a bag full of NYAST stuff for everyone.  We are fortunate that we were able to do something special for our conference attendees to celebrate National Surgical Technologists' Week in 2016, and hope to be able do the same in years to come.


As my second term as your President starts to wind down, and I reflect on the past 3 1/2 years, the things I am most proud that we have accomplished are the passing of our legislation, the growth in our membership, and the implementation of our scholarships to AST National Conference, as well as our 2014 AST State Assembly Leadership Award and our 2015 AST State Assembly Membership Development Award. Our focus is on making our profession better and providing professional opportunities for our members.  We will be offering scholarships to one student and one NYAST member to attend conference again this year, and I look forward to meeting the recipients in New Orleans.


It is time to start thinking about our next election, which will take place in the Fall of 2017. We will be electing our President, Vice President, Treasurer, and two Directors to the board. Your Board of Directors is a committed group of volunteers, elected by you,  who dedicate their time and effort  to NYAST to benefit every member. Our state assembly cannot run without the efforts of selfless, dedicated professionals who want to see our profession grow at the state and national level.  I ask each of you to consider stepping up to serve your State Assembly and work for the advancement of our profession.  I can honestly say that when I attended my first State Assembly meeting I never would have believed that I had what it would take to one day be President of the State Assembly, serve as Chair of an AST national committee, or speak at state and national conferences, yet I have done all of these and look forward to doing more. It only takes  the strength of conviction that what we do is important, unique, and worthy of recognition at every level, and a desire to help our profession grow.  You can contact me, or any board member for more information!  Think about it...the personal  and professional growth is amazing!


Enjoy the rest of your winter, and I look forward to seeing you all at our Spring Conference at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn on April 22nd!


Beth Applegate-Debo CST, CSFA, FAST



Why did I decide to run for NYAST Board of Directors ?

                After winning the AST National Past Presidents' Scholarship  in 2016 and going to the conference in San Diego, I felt a greater connection to my profession as a Certified Surgical Technologist. Thus, in attending this conference I feel that this will broaden my knowledge and network. Talking and hearing how different other states' standards are versus New York State standards, and what can we do to advance the changes. I'd been pondering since June to run someday and become an advocate for New York State Assembly.

 Living in the Capital region in NYS, there wasn’t a Surgical Technologist School. I wanted to help guide people into what and who we are as surgical Technologist. I also wanted to become an advocate for New York State in a National level as well. I love teaching and I love my job. Going to the conferences I networked with people from all around New York.  And being that I am not quiet and very vocal I figured I can be a voice for those who are too afraid to speak. Becoming a Board member has made me look at my job with more pride than I had ever been. I don’t know if the timing was right, but with the encouragement of my coworkers and friends I decided to just do it. So I did and now I am a director on the  NYAST Board of Directors.

Amalia Gutierrez CST




                We believe that participation in our professional  organization is one of the best ways to show that we are serious about being heard and recognized as an important and equal entity in the surgical setting.  We also believe that attending state and national conferences is an important part of being an active member of our profession. We would like to see as many of you as possible at our state conferences, and at the national conference. We have made it part of our mission to provide opportunities for you to attend.

                Once again NYAST will be accepting scholarship applications for one Surgical Technology student, and one  NYAST member currently working in the field who has never been to National Conference, to attend the AST National Conference in New Orleans, LA.  We have sent students to conference in 2015 and 2016, and sent one working NYAST member in 2016. They have all said how it has been a positive influence on them, and we look forward to helping two more people experience what AST National Conference has to offer both professionally and personally. Please see the included instructions and applications for all of the details.

                We also encourage CSTs who have never attended conference to apply for the 2017 Former President's scholarship, which is the scholarship Amalia referred to in her article above. You can find information and an application at


                NYAST has also funded two $500 monetary scholarships through the Foundation for Surgical Technology in memory of Jean Carty Turner CST, FAST and Don Braziel CST, FAST, to be awarded to two students from New York. You can get more information and apply for these scholarships at




                The NYAST 2017 Spring Conference will be held at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, NY on April 22nd. We will be offering 6 CE credits pending approval by AST. Please see the included brochure for all of the information regarding the conference.





                NYAST is always looking for speakers for our state conferences. If you have a topic that you feel passionate about, a new procedure you're doing at your facility, or any subject that you are knowledgeable about related to surgery, we would like to encourage you to share that with our membership! We feel strongly that it is important to learn from each other. We have had many comments in our post conference surveys that you don't necessarily want to hear from RNs or doctors, and we try to accommodate that request, but we need CSTs to step up and present at our conferences.

What is your specialty? What is your expertise? What kind of procedures do you love to scrub? Tell us about it! Some requests have been to hear about Pediatric  surgery, Urology, Robotics, and Oncologic surgery. Are any of these "your thing?" 

                Please contact us at if you are interested in speaking. We would LOVE to hear from you!!  If you would like to speak in Brooklyn at this spring conference, we need to hear from you by March 15th. The next two conferences will be in the Fall of 2017 in Niagara Falls, and the Spring of 2018 in the Syracuse area. If you live in one of these areas and would like to speak without having to travel, let us know!

                *BONUS* AST awards one credit for preparing your presentation, and one credit each time you make the presentation! So you can earn 2 extra credits if you present at one of our conferences!!