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A Quick work from our 2 Scholarship recipients on their expierence to National Conference

~Lindsey Velker, ST Student Scholarship Recipient wrote:
From the moment I stepped foot into the Sheraton hotel, hosting the AST National Conference, I could sense the ambiance of excitement and exhilaration from both CST attendees and students alike. Brightly colored name tags and badges on every neck that passed by, showcased the accomplishments and each personalized status within the Surgical Technology world. My curiosity was sidetracked as I was frantically glancing in every direction possible, absorbing all that I could. As a student, there is nothing more inspiring than seeing driven and successful individuals still enamored by their chosen profession years after they decided to pursue it. The sheer dedication of all these people willing take time away from families and work to sit in on multiple conferences and speakers to enhance individual skills and knowledge was electrifying.
As a student attending my first national conference, I was blown away by the desire of all board members, AST members, and different speakers to make all of the students comfortable while at the events. There was a constant induction from each person to encourage us students to be the future of the Association of Surgical Technology. It was absolutely welcoming and comfortable mingling with people from all over the country while learning about the career more from every different encounter. The Association of Surgical Technology is thoroughly a friendly family in which everyone takes care of each other in a very congenial disposition.
While in attendance at the Student Forum, I was approached to see if I would be interested in running as a candidate for a Student Liaison position for the 2017 National Conference in New Orleans. The application process was discussed and I was informed that it consisted of a small packet providing information in your involvement in your program, community service hours, and a three minute speech. Each candidate spoke in front of the student body, and each speech proved the candidates dedication and passion for this career path we have all chosen. Out of twelve contestants, four were chosen, myself included. This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will honor and cherish forever.
This conference was an incredible way to be initiated into the community of fellow surgical technologists by networking and establishing relationships with people who share your passions and perseverance. I consider myself lucky for finding this opportunity to grow into my role as a surgical technologist and am happy to say that anyone who has decided on this profession will not only find happiness, but a supportive and tenacious group of people as well.
~Donna Calli, ST Student Scholarship recipient wrote:
I want to share my experience with everyone about the conference in San Diego CA. I won the student scholarship to attend. I enjoyed my time with my fellow students very much. I got to meet people from around the country, and share our stories. The student forum gave information on how to write a resume, job interview success tips, and some job openings. Some of the openings were even at the conference to meet. They even provided a yummy lunch.  I got a chance to go to some presentation on trauma, The time you spend at conference to me is very valuable as you grow in this field. To me it is a wealth of knowledge to be had, and shared. I meet the author of the equipment book I planned on buying. I got not only the book, but she signed the copy!  It is not all work and no play either. We had a dance party, give a ways, and all kinds of thing to buy that any scrub tech would love. It was like Christmas in June! The hotel was beautiful, and the amenities were more then the stay allowed. I think it is very important to get out of yourself, from time to time, and see what you can find. To me, conference does just that. You can bet, I will keep going. See you all at next years!


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